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I created a new life and business in just 12 months that changed my life forever, Now lets do the same for you.

This unique opportunity is only offered to a limited amount of people each year, this is because Mark will work with you very closely to make sure you achieve your goals quicker than you would on your own.

On your coaching calls you can talk through deals you are looking at, He will help you be able to negotiate the best deals and in turn save you any costly mistakes.

Formulating the exact ‘war map’ strategy for achieving your financial goals, whether it be replacing your income or diversifying an existing portfolio 

- Acquiring profitable property with limited funds (or even no money down) 

- Raising finance to keep acquiring property even when you’ve drained your own money supply 

- Building your own power team to  help you execute your strategy and plan

- plan the actions you need to take to succeed, You can learn from someone who has been there and done it.


A lot of people think what I’m about to say is ‘woo-woo’, but mindset isn’t just important to your success… 

Mindset is 90% of the battle

The second we step outside our comfort zone, something truly bizarre happens… 

Our lizard brain (the inner critic who wants to keep us safe) tries to talk us out of doing anything. 

Some experts call this the drunken monkey in your head, and that monkey will give you an entire list of reasons why:

- You shouldn’t invest in this coaching!

- You shouldn’t invest in ANY coaching!!

- You definitely shouldn't invest in property, no matter how much profit you could potentially make!!!


Your inner critic wants to convince you there’s something ‘special’ about other people’s success, when the reality is they got help and followed a plan. 

Mark will help and coach you to success in these areas:

- Talk back to your inner critic and stay accountable

- Get you a quick win to generate positive feelings

- Or simply be there to listen while you get things off your chest.

Ultimately, property investment is a journey.

The right level of support is essential if you want to go as far as possible without getting lost.

If you’d like to follow my winning property investment strategies, and those of my best students, you can. 

You can invest in this knowledge to create your own million-pound property portfolio and replace your income.

But it’s not going to work unless you do the work. 

You will be able to fill in your own coaching questionnaire before each call, this only takes a couple of minutes to do, but will then make the time on the calls structured and full of all the Information you need.

Mark can then prepare anything you need before the call takes place.

This way you dont waste any time on the call and can get maximum value and support.

Not only that but you will have access to Marks other top achieving clients, his community of like minded people will help you push yourself harder and hold you accountable to yourself and your goals.

All of this and so much more..

If You’d Love To Be In Control Of Your Wealth ‘Sack The Boss’ And Get Out Of The 9 To 5 And Be Able To Spend More Quality Time With Your Family...

I can help you do just that and take a huge leap towards replacing your income within the next 365 days.


Everything You Need To Help You Build Wealth 

Mark Fitzgerald can help you achieve amazing results in a quicker time frame than you would on your own.  He specialise in helping people build wealth through property and their businesses as well as dealing with problems.
Managing staff and
Coping with rising costs at the moment. 

We offer a variety of services, including one-on-one coaching over 12 months in property, business and mindset as well as offering online courses, seminars and group coaching and mentoring.

With my help we can create a plan for your financial future, building a business that serves you and not in slaves you.


Together I will help you build a portfolio of properties, and maximise your returns. 


If you're ready to start building the life you desire, I'm here to help!

12 Month Mentoring And Coaching with Mark Fitzgerald


Build the future you desire with the support and guidance you need to succeed over the next 12 months

Everything You Need Is Right Here..

All the help you need

12 One-Two-One zoom calls with Mark which are 60 to 120 minutes long.

Access to Marks monthly group coaching calls as well with his other clients.

Email access to Mark 24/7

(Most calls run over and that is fine as long as you have a clear direction and goals to focus on) That is what this is all about.

Access to my power team of specialists

You will have access to me and all my contacts in the property world, I also offer training programs to help you grow and build on your knowledge.

You can work through my on-line trainings as well as the 90 day planning masterclass and how to structure your days for maximum effect.

Everything in one place

All this is in one handy platform you can access from a pc, laptop or smart phone anytime. All calls are recored and kept in your own vault so you can refer back to them at anytime with ease.

Also any files, notes and PDFs are always available there too.

Everything you need in one handy place.

Here's what this product will help you with:

What you'll get:

  • You will be given your own Kajabi account and have access to the tools and resources on offer, 

  • 12 one-to-one calls on zoom 

  • Weekly accountability emailed to your inbox, so we can track your progress and make sure you are moving forward
  • Access to one of Marks 10 module training programmes (if required)

  • Access to the 90 day planning masterclass training

  • Access to all my training products to help you with, Property investing, PLOs, HMOs, Rent to Rent, Serviced Accommodation, Property Negotiations, Follow Up and Mindset

  • Email access to Mark to ask questions and get help between calls 

  • Access to all Marks contacts and power team

  • and a lot more.....




This is right for you if

If you want to follow in Mark foot steps and build a property business. Mark has built up businesses and managed big teams in a very successful manner.

He has helped companies triple turnover in their businesses with little extra cost.

He is always looking to improve all the time and help others to do the same.

As well as being given your own Kajabi account and have access to the tools and resources you need you will have a very successful business owner and property investor in your corner who has built 6 figure business from scratch in 12 months. 

Marks background in Sales and Negotiation, Business Development, Team building and Processes to help with growth are just some of the ways Mark can help you.


Mark has also successfully completed the pin Coaching Accreditation Scheme, which is run through the European Mentoring Coaching Council (EMCC).

The EMCC’s prestigious Quality Award in coaching is only given to the most robust, professional, and rigorous coaching programmes, like this.

You can feel confident you’re making a safe, wise, and lasting investment for your future financial freedom.

You will receive:

  • Mentor and coaching from Mark 
  • Access to the Rent to rent business builder 10 module programme
  • Access to the 90 day planning masterclass training
  • Access to the daily planning masterclass to maximum your time 
  • Email access to Mark to ask questions and get help between calls 
  • Access to all Marks contacts and power team
  • and a lot more.

Your calls can be booked in at a time that suites you each month, this is very easy to do in your own members area and all recordings will be access in this as well.
You will have lifetime access to all calls as well as products you bought.

If you have any questions about this programme and would like to know more please email us at 
[email protected]

And we will be happy to help you.

So register your interest now and book a 30 min call with Mark on zoom to see if this is right for you. 

  • Welcome to the best in  property investing coaching!  

     We are here to help you unlock the potential of the property world and become a successful property investor. 

    My program offers a comprehensive education on property investing, including the latest strategies, investment tools, and expert advice.  

     With our program, you'll learn how to:  

  •  Analyze the market and identify profitable deals  

  •   Develop a plan for building wealth through property  

  •  Establish a portfolio and diversify your investments  

  •  Maximise your cash flow and profits  

  •  Negotiate deals and close transactions  

  •  Manage properties for long-term success  

     We offer a variety of services to make your journey in property a success and easier, from one-on-one coaching sessions to group classes, webinars, and more.  Take the first step towards your financial freedom today. 

    Register now to learn more about our property investing coaching program and get started on your property investing journey now.

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Sean said

Hi, my name is Sean and I am a Property Manager specialising in Rent 2 Rent. Over the last 6 months, with the invaluable help from Mark, I have gone from being confused, indecisive and nervous about implementing my rent to rent training, to now being extremely confident in my own ability and competency. To that end, I have two deals under my belt so far.On both of these deals I needed advice, guidance and reassurance, my one to one video calls with Mark provided exactly that. His no nonsense, realistic approach to rent to rent has been crucial in giving me the confidence and knowledge to take on any deal that come my way now that is worth looking at. I can’t recommend his mentorship enough. Whether it’s comprehensive rent to rent training you’re looking for, mentorship, or just a kick up the procrastinating backside, Look no further than Mark Fitzgerald.

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Dave said

“On the first call, Mark made a suggestion that saved me £10K on a deal I was working on.

The deal meant that, my coaching cost would of paid for itself and then some on the first call!

Since then, Mark has been very good at making me cut away the noise and focus in on the relevant parts of decisions, ideas and opportunities.

Act now if you want to build the future you desire

We all dream of building a future that we want to live in, now you can get the support and help from someone who is living the life they designed. Its not unachievable, you just need a helping hand sometimes and I can help you with that.

If you are ready to take action and willing to put the work in and push yourself to a whole new level, then come and join me now and let's get going.... 

Please register here to find out how we can help you..

We will email you the next steps and help you.