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Heres what others others have to say about Mark and his training.  


Sean says 

Hi, my name is Sean and I am a Property Manager specialising in Rent 2 Rent. Over the last 6 months, with the invaluable help from Mark, I have gone from being confused, indecisive and nervous about implementing my rent to rent training, to now being extremely confident in my own ability and competency. To that end, I have two deals under my belt so far - a five bed where I initially started with tenanting three of the five vacant rooms. We’re now fully managing that property each month. The other deal is a five property deal where we’re our maintenance team are currently working through a mountain of issues that have built up over the last 18 months. This will lead to a very substantial management agreement, if not a full guranteed rent arrangement On both of these deals I needed advice, guidance and reassurance, my one to one video calls with Mark provided exactly that. His no nonsense, realistic approach to rent to rent has been crucial in giving me the confidence and knowledge to take on any deal that come my way now that is worth looking at. I can’t recommend his mentorship enough. Whether it’s comprehensive rent to rent training you’re looking for, mentorship, or just a kick up the procrastinating backside, Look no further than Mark Fitzgerald.

About Your Trainer 

Mark Fitzgerald  has been helping people better themselfs for the last 16 years and is now a property investor who to date has grown a successful Rent 2 Rent business in 6 months that replaced his corporate wage. He also was part of Simon Zutshi Mastermind 27 program where he was not only a top performer for the year with 5 others out of 60 property investors but was also the winner for what he achieved in his R2R business. he how shows others how to do the same as he did. You can listen too Mark on the Property Unleashed podcast or hook up with him on social media using the links below.

MRF Training solutions 

Offers a range of training to suit all budgets, I understand that we all start in a different place in our lives so want to help as many people as posable as posable, you see in many cases getting started or containing once you have started anything new is very hard, I know I have been there so please check out my training products and pick the ones that will really help you at a budget to suite, We have my flagship Rent to Rent business builder all the way down to my rent to rent foundations training.

I offer a whole host of masterclass training as well to help you and give you all the tools to be a success on your journey.


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